City of Brownsville Safety and Risk Management



About Us

Safety First!
Safety and Risk Management, a division of the Human Resources Department, has the responsibility of ensuring that City of Brownsville employees work in a safe and healthful environment. It is Management's responsibility to ensure compliance with the Texas Worker's Compensation Commission's (TWCC) rules and regulations, the laws of the State of Texas, and all other applicable federal regulations.

Our Mission:
To maintain a safe and healthful working environment by training employees to be proactive in the identification and elimination of workplace hazards, and to provide employees with top quality customer service with courtesy and concern.

What We Do:
We maintain data regarding employee enrollment in group health and dental insurance. We also file and maintain all workers' compensation claims. We also plan, conduct, and execute all mandatory safety training on an annual basis for City employees. Safety and Risk Management staff receives and process all claims made against the City and recovers losses caused by other parties. We also keep the City fleet properly insured and conduct annual driver records checks with the Department of Public Safety for all assigned drivers. Safety and insurance are both components of a Risk Management Program. Management requires a coordinated, disciplined approach to eliminate or control risks.