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The City of Brownsville MSW Landfill is comprised of one Operations Manager and twenty-five (25) full-time employees. The facility is comprised of 253 acres, all of which is carefully engineered to serve as the primary solid waste disposal site for surrounding communities. This division is the Public Works Department?s busiest and in the highest demand. The Brownsville Landfill serves as an example and leader for its efficient and best management practices in solid waste disposal. The facility also incorporates a Compost Facility Program and a Scrap Tire Processing and Storage Facility. Because of the dedication shown to maintain full compliance status for eight (9) consecutive years and incorporate innovative programs during that time (Ex. Gas Flare System, Storm Water Runoff Structures, and multiple Alternative Daily Cover sources), the City is now eligible to apply for environmental achievement awards given by major solid waste associations and/or the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality which will officially recognize the facility as the standard in the industry.

The City of Brownsville MSW Landfill is a carefully engineered facility designed to assure proper disposal of municipal solid waste. With a size of 275 acres, the Landfill serves the citizens of Brownsville as well as its surrounding areas. In fiscal 2009-10 it accepted 291,076.03 tons of waste, or more than 900 tons a day. The landfill meets all requirements of the law and has approximately 38 years of life expectancy remaining.